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    DT01 Black Friday 11302008 .mp3

    After what is now 3 attempts, Randy and I have completed our first Podcast!!! It's a little low budget, and we are still working on perfecting our tech. But please listen and enjoy. In it we Discuss Black Friday and all of the popular purchases includiung Digital Picture Frames, LCD TVs, GPS, and MP3 vs PMP players. And how Randy and I put together this low budget Podcast. Also we touch upon the Console War, the HD vs Blueray war and what comes next... Plus my love of Dr. Who. So we hope you haven't gotten all your holiday shopping done this weekend, this might be of some help. Hosts: Randy Meyers and Graham Lovhaug Producer: Graham Lovhaug Music: Weird Al Yankovic -Whatever you Like
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    DT02 Cheap Arguments 12172008.mp3

    We have an early Christmas Present for you. A extra special long Dumpstertech for you. And it's only episode 2! It's almost like getting 2 for 1!!! We cover Paying for Cable and Satelite, Things to do with that old pentium 3, How Video Game published sell their earlier promises on their underdelievered games, Why Randy hates Treos and Graham likes them, and Whatever the hell apple is thinking... We don't always agree, but we do think it should be cheap. Special Note: The 8.99 Netflix plan which Graham has isn't 1 DVD a month, it's one DVD at a time, I'm sure he made other mistakes as well, but thats the one he can think of correcting. Hosts: Randy Meyers and Graham Lovhaug Producer: Graham Lovhaug Music: Weird Al Yankovic - Money for Nothing
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    DT03 CES and Cra... I mean Mac World Coverage 01072009.mp3

    Hello! Welcome to 2009, we hope everyone had a happy holidays and a good new years celebration. With a new year comes alot of buzz in the Tech world with both The Consumer electronics show, and Mac World. While newer high priced gadgets aren't really the focus of DT, we do try and keep an eye on what's going on in the world of Tech, you never know when you might find a gem of a deal out of the new tech, or something that might drive the price down on a previous model or competitor. So Randy and I are going to discuss the announcements at Mac World, and some of our favorite pics from Mac World. We also touch on Windows 7. Also we will answer a question asked to us by a listener, and talk about our HD-DVD debate. Hosts: Randy Meyers and Graham Lovhaug Producer: Graham Lovhaug and Randy Meyers (yeah Randy actually helped produce this one) Music: Weird Al Yankovic - It's all about the Pentiums
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    DT04 Q AND A 01232009.mp3

    Just in Time for the weekend, as promised. Randy and I are doing a speical Q and A Episode. You (ok... just lv_littlevoice ) asked the Questions, and we answered them!! Or atleast tried to... And yeah we kind of rant off, but we hope we were helpful. Please Keep em coming!!! This show is all about talking tech, and keeping it cheap for geeks. Hosts: Randy Meyers and Graham Lovhaug Producer: Graham Lovhaug Music: Weird Al Yankovic - Alimony (Opening) and I think I'm a Clone Now (Closing)
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    DT05 FirmWeird 02042009.mp3

    We have an extra long DumpsterTech for you today, cause there isn't just two techies talking, there's three!!!! We stop by the lair of Zirbes and we did a podcast from his turf. (Trust us, it sounds a lot better than our previous 4 episodes). Today we discuss: Sprint Launching their preimer customer service, Firmware quality control, Belkin Paying for Good Reviews, Windows 7 Skus announced, Open Pandora, Tech Crunch Tablet Also some user Questions about Macs and LCD monitors. Hosts: Randy Meyers and Graham Lovhaug Guest: James Zirbes Producer: James Zirbes Opening Music/Sound: Pop-can being opened Outgoing Music: Original Composition by James Zirbes
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    DT06 You Can't Touch This 02172009.mp3

    Today we are talking about Windows Mobile 6.5, Point UI, Graham's Vday, Windows 7 Dumb DRM, SSDs and Flash Memory... and More!!! Hosts: Randy Meyers, James Zirbes, and Graham Lovhaug, Producer: James Zirbes Opening Sound: BubbleBreaker on a Moto Q
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    DT07 This Hour is Nonrefundable 03042009.mp3

    Sorry for being a little late on this. We are talking about Apple's Tuesday Revamps to the Mac Mini, Imac, and Mac Pro. Buying a New PC, possibly with your Tax Rebate. James building an HTPC... Lots of Talk of machine specs... And much much more!! Hosts: Randy Meyers, James Zirbes, and Graham Lovhaug, Producer: James Zirbes Opening Sound: Something James put together...
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    DT08 They Just don't flip 03172009.mp3

    In this episode we discuss Sprint's leaked road map, and it's lack of flip phones. And since Lewis from Atop the Fourth Wall was around, we chatted with him about tech in comics, and distributing content (video, movies, print, or comics) over the net vs. the more traditional conventions (going to the store, and ya know buying something physical). Hosts: Graham Lovhaug and James Zirbes with Special guest: Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug Producer: James Zirbes
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    DT09 We Promise Not To Sing 03312009.mp3

    Thanks for Waiting! Randy is back and we are answering some Listener Questions. Talking about Microsoft's new ad. Sprint's New phone announcements Randy's Cell phone as a home phone project. Also Graham's neat DT purcahse the Philips AJL308 DIVX Picture Frame.
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    DT10 Leaks Tweaks and Cheap Calling 04152009.mp3

    We have another great and jammed packed DT for you today! We talk about X-men Origins: Wolverine being leaked on to the net and the reprocussions it had; Microsoft's New Laptop Hunter ads( here and here); Virgin Mobile new$50 Unlimited Talk plan. Graham talks about playing with the Dell Mini 12; and this neat Samsung Monitor Deal! While James talks about his adventures in the home theatre PC and something really cool you can do with a Wii Remote and a bluetooth adapter. Hosts: Graham Lovhaug, James Zirbes, Randy Meyers Producer: James Zirbes You can download the podcast here! Thanks for listening!
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    DT11 Cell Phone Round Table 04292009.mp3

    Today is a special episode. We are only talking about phones. The quest for new phones, the features, the functions... The Prices... All that good stuff. Also we discuss how it's not the same web despite paying the same price, How sometimes all you really just want is a phone... And some of the funny words T9 makes up. We talk about old phones of Lara and Christa's. And some of the neat phones they are looking to upgrade to like the Katana Eclipse, Instinct S30 and Palm Pre. Hosts: Graham Lovhaug, James Zirbes, Randy Meyers Guests: Lara and Christa Producer: James Zirbes You can download the podcast here! Thanks for listening!
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    DT12 A Brief History of Mobile Tech 05132009.mp3

    Today we are talking Mobile Comuting.... Latops, PDAs, Smartphones, Netbooks, Tablets, and everything in between. Joining James and I for a history lesson in the progression of Mobile Computing Talking is Loren Lovhaug and he talks about the TRS80- Model 100, Toshiba T1000, Apple's Newton Message Pad, and the Vadem Clio in context with todays mobile devices. ( Here are some pics of stuff from the history lesson ) Also he have a brief chats about the Kindle DX, Palm Pre, Windows 7, and slew of Apple Rumors. Hosts: Graham Lovhaug, James Zirbes, Guest: Loren Lovhaug Producer: James Zirbes