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Pebble Update: 10 Months Later… 3rd Time is the Charm?

After my second Pebble Smart Watch started doing the screen garbled thing, I was finding myself a little upset. I really like the Pebble as I mentioned before, but was concerned about the QA testing they had done. So instead of warranty exchanging with Best Buy for a second time, I reached out to Pebble to let them know this was happening to me again, they offered to replace the unit, and did so. I did however have to send them pictures of my Pebble doing so, and show them the Serial number on the back to verify that the Pebble I was complaining out matched the trouble ticket I opened from the app (the app sends serial number info to Pebble). This was back in late April and I got the replacement in May. So I’ve now gone almost 4 months with the replacement from Pebble and its working great. So third time is the charm I guess.


So I’ve had a Pebble on my arm for nearly 10 months. Do I still like it? Yes! Going 7 days between recharges is just awesome, and something I wish any other device in my life could do as well.  I still love the price I paid. At $100 the device is just right for someone still skeptical about how useful a smart watch will be in there life. And if a $100 is too much for you, check out Cowboom Refurb First gen Pebbles go for $30 to $50: http://www.cowboom.com/search/results.cfm?keywords=Pebble


Does it do as much as an Android wear watch, or the Apple watch? No. Hell it doesn’t even do as much as its successor the Pebble Time. But probably the only feature I care about that those devices have and my Pebble doesn't is a Microphone. Not so I can hold a conversation with my wrist like Dick Tracy, but so I could issue voice commands while being away from my phone. It's something I can live with out certainly, as I don't really want to pay $200 for that feature. I suppose I'd get color... But to me that's a gimick.

Speaking of the Apple watch... Sadly almost everytime someone notices my Pebble for the first time  (usually becasue I am looking at a notication on it), I will get asked: "Is that an Apple Watch?".  And Kudos Apple on being the only universally recognizable smart watch brand... Such a shame, that no one else can Market like Apple, because as much as I love explaining my Pebble to lay people, and championing the superior features like 7 day battery, and a great price, I have yet to meet anyone who actually went out and bought one after we spoke, though probably because they don't wear a watch anymore, anyways.