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Quick thoughts… Tiered Data Plans: How your cell provider rips you off. 

In the past year, we have seen an amazing industry shift in cellular plans from the amount of minute used as metric for charging people to the amount of data they transfer through the device. At&t and Verizon have led the charge with this new form of ways to exploit technology for fiscal gain.

Ironically as technology evolves and becomes more dependent on data services, they can gauge you more. Take for example a technology like visual voice mail, You no longer call your provider to access the voicemail system, instead the system downloads an MP3 file to your phone via an App for your local playback. Benefit to you, you can pause, rewind, and scrub the message. How they screw you? The Mp3 download went against your monthly data cap. So you better answer the phone and use those unlimited minutes, because long voice mails will cost you. Make matters worse, Verizon double dips, as they charge extra for visual voice mail on Android phones. Nice, huh? You are actually better opting out, and not getting ripped off.


Another example is LTE, ya know 4G, that faster data connection. Or how I can get you to hit your data cap faster, so I can charge you overage fees….