No Show this week, but we do have some stuff to tell you about.

Yeah, no show this week. Sorry everyone but we are busy with the holidays. But we should be recording a show next week, which kind of off sets our schedule, but we do have a surprise in store and its well worth it!!!

But hey, just cause’s there’s no podcast doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to talk about:

First off check out Maximum PC’s article on 8 Practical Uses for Your Old Laptop, I really like the idea of turning it into a NAS though while power consumption would be great, storage maybe an issue.

Also Maximum Pc has another article on The 33 Essential Free Utilities for Every New PC

Special thanks to Terry Walker who sent these in.


Next off, for those of you missing our Podcast, check out this Episode of Buzz Out Loud… There is a great debate between Molly Wood and Brian Cooley over breaking the Kindle DRM.


Also our Tom Keely Has his Top 5 Worst Holiday Gift Picks:

Top Five Worst Tech Gifts: (5 being the most tolerable, counting down to 1, the worst)


#5 - PSP Go: What's more disappointing then receiving a gift that is going to almost immediately require you to spend more money in order to have any real fun with it?


#4 - Those 100 games-in-one brick game things that you'll see advertised on 4AM television and in the seasonal holiday mall shops:  More often then not, they'll have about five really terrible games and 20 variations of each.


#3 - 16 MB thumb drive: Give these only if you're out to lose friends and respect, or trying to get a giggle out of a someone.


#2 - Those cheap iPod Touch Chinese clones.  Ooooh, you've seen 'em at least once, probably on ebay from some shady seller that won't specify whether or not the player is the clone in question or the genuine article.  If it looks like a Touch going for the quarter of the price, DANGER!  DANGER!  Run AWAY!


(The sad part about these things is that if it weren't for the barely functioning touchscreens and dodgy UIs, they might fare a bit better and actually be worth the purchase; they usually have very wide audio and video format support, a respectable amount of internal storage and sometimes even video output options!)


Annnnd in the number one spot, the worst tech gift one can give to another is:


#1 - The underwater cellphone system... just...wow...no.  Just no.  Proudly brought to you by (of course) Sky Mall!

Check out the Link.



And Lastly from DumpsterTech to you:








Double your Fun, Double the Sequels

So the Spike Video Game Awards were last weekend. And we got a preview to two surprising titles that are both sequels to great games, one of which has only been out for about 3 months... And the other having killed the main character you play as in the original.

Check em out!



Really? Really??? The Deal of the Day at Microcenter is a Floppy Drive?

Incase you hadn't noticed there is a new option in the Menu (to the left of this post) called "Daily Deals"


We have posted links to a lot of popular daily Tech Deals sites (if you have ideas for other sites, please let us know!)


But Today's Daily Deal from Microcenter, really has us scratching our heads.... Really? $1.49 for a NEC 1.44 MB Floppy Disk Drive. I guess I could also see more use for this if this was a USB External drive but those are still around $24.99. 

Now I know we are all about salvaging old Tech here, and hey, if you have a use for such a fine peice of vintage tech, but at this point, I find it kind of hard to believe that you could be a geek and not have a drawer or box of these stashed somewhere for a rainy day... Or atleast the next time you need a DOS boot disk... (And don't have an internet connection to download an ISO of Hirens Bootloader...)


Click the Pic for link to this awesome and Incredible Deal....



UPDATE: I stand surprisingly corrected... Microcenter has sold out across the country. I guess there really is a demand for some of that old tech. So how come more people don't listen to our show?


UPDATE UPDATE: Ok so now they have stock again... I'm confused... Oh well. Guess you can still buy a floppy drive for Christmas.


The Graphics Cards You Should Buy at Every Price

Check Out this Gizmodo/Tom's Hardware mash up for what Graphics card to buy. Little bummed the ATI 4770 isn't on here.




Click the Pic for the Link to the Article.



Graham on AT4W

Since Lewis was so cool to come on our show last week, I returned the favor this week. Check it out: