DumpsterTech Episode 28 - The Buzz Fuzz


DumpsterTech Episode 27 - Honey I blew up the Ipod

Hosts: James Zirbes and Graham Lovhaug

Producer James Zirbes

Contributions: Tom Keely

Special Thanks and comments from: Lara Binman and Christa Zirbes


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Today we are chatting about the Ipad. Though we do take some time to also answer some user questions as well.


Here are the Show Notes and links:


Apple's Ipad:


Joo Joo to have Flash:


Axiotron Modbook


Steve says Adobe is lazy




I see Deals like this and wonder why people buy Netbooks at all... Dell D420 for $289

(Click the Pic for Link to

Dell D420 is a 12.1" Screen Ultra Light notebook at 3.8 lbs. With a Core Duo 1.2 ghz CPU and 1.5 GB of Ram. Refurbished at $289, why would you buy a $300 netbook?  This deal will give you a Bigger Screen, More RAM and certainly a more robust CPU.


Not that I'm crazy about Dell notebooks, but it just seems odd to me to buy a Netbook, unless you need something to be so light and small that it fits into a purse or coat pocket. But at that size I really question functionality.




DumpsterTech Episode 26 - My Finger Said it was you.

James and Graham discuss some high lights from last week's Consumer Electronic Show.

Hosts: Graham and James

Producer: James


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Show notes/links:


Sprint Overdrive
Ballmer at the Sprint Keynote!!!

The HP Slate

HTC Smart is, ironically, company's first dumbphone 
Plastic Logic debuts QUE proReader, shows off truVue publications (Suckage that Randy missed this one)
Palm @ CES
CES: IoSafe goes extreme with disaster-proof hard drive 
Orb Bluetooth Ring/Headset

DumpsterTech Episode 25 - Randy's Net Neutrality Show.

Randy is back, but I want to apologize for the sound levels in this cast, we were testing out the new mixer. And by the time I got to edit the episode I had no idea the levels were so off. And Randy was back at basic, so it's not like we could get together to do another show....


Hosts: Randy, Graham and James

With Comment by Tom Keely


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Net Neutrality


Verizon ads vs. Apple/At&t.