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Personal Rig: Project Legacy Part 2: Cooling…



I was watching JazTwoCents video on a $1000 Gaming PC for his wife, link:


And I laughed when he had the same problem I did with an air cooler in Rosewill Legacy MX2. A lot of great coolers don’t fit because of height, and this case isn’t supposed to be water cooled… Also got a kick of him having to remove the bottom 120 fans to plug in Motherboard I/O. Thanks again Rosewill (Or Jonsbo who is the actual manufacturer for the case for Rosewill) for putting all the clearance in the top of the case.


So what CPU cooler did I use? I actually used a Corsair H60 that I had lying around… But wait Graham, you said you aren’t supposed to Water cool in this case? Yeah, so what, I’m a rebel like that. Given the low clearance in the bottom of the case, the radiator pretty much had to be at the top. And the H60 is a 120mm mount, not a 140mm like the case. That’s where this came in handy:



A Bgears 120mm to 140mm Fan Adapter. Now I had to do some mods to this adapter with a dremel and a drill in order to make the head of the radiator screws fit. Using some washers I was able to mount the fan adapter to the case posts, and the radiator and a Noctua NF-F12 are secured to the adapter. The adapter also serves as air duck that prevents any fair lose between the fan and the exhaust of the case. The fan is mounted in a pull configuration so it is pulling air through the rad and out the case.



Since I’ve become a Fan of greats cooling lately… (Get it?) I also purchased a Noctua NF-R8 that I used on one of the two 80mm Fan mount points on the rear of the case for more exhaust. I’m not entirely sure if it’s really helping a ton, but I figure the more things pulling hot air out of the case, the better, especially since I removed that 120mm intake fan at the bottom.

I’m really not in love with how the power supply mount in this case forces the fan of the power supply to blow hot air over the system. I think the blower style reference cooler of the GTX 770 may help push air out the back as well, but it’s directly in the air flow path of the exhaust from the PSU.

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