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Personal Rig: Project Legacy. Part 1. Case Review

Okay… I know I know… I need to actually blog more… I suck.


So here is a post I’ve meant to do for almost a year. As I’ve mentioned it before I am a sucker for the Apple design, just not apple prices or locked down eco-system. Despite owning an Iphone, Ipad Mac Pro, and Mac Mini… I still love Windows over OSX, and I wouldn’t be caught dead using a Mac Book. (I am a diehard ThinkPad fan boy).


But I still love the Design… This is where the Rosewill Legacy MX2 Silver comes in. A Case that kind of reminds you of Apple, but doesn’t scream knock off.




This case is really all about looks. It’s aluminum and unibody. It’s just pretty. The side panels are ball socket attached, not screwed in; which is both awesome and weird at the same time.

 Air flow is unusual in this case as well. Drawing air from the bottom via two thin 120mm case fans and exhausting out a top mounted 140mm fan. Rosewill claims water cooling it’s really an option in this case, and they are right… Sort of (more on that later). There is also the option for dual 80mm mounts out the back.

Looking at the back of this case, you might be confused by the lack of power supply mount, but the presence of a power plug in. This is because the power is passed through the back via a cable that is intended to connect to a vertical mounted power supply in the front. Probably the one feature that is just bizarre in this case, but is the result of making this case have a smaller overall size while still having room to hold a full ATX motherboard. This almost reminds me of the Cooler Master Elite 360 which uses a similar pass through to the front option for Power supply, and it too holds a full ATX board.

In front of the case you are presenting a very clean look, there are no 5 ¼” bays, only slot for a mini slot loading optical drive bay. Also in the front is a power button, headphone and microphone ports as well as two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports. Anyone else notice the lack of a reset button? Not a deal breaker for me, but something that was a little odd when I was wiring up my board.

Inside the case is a little tight… What do I mean? While this case supports Full ATX, I honestly probably wouldn’t recommend using a full ATX board, I would probably recommend going Micro ATX. Because bottom headers like front I/O, are likely to unable to be accessed on a Full ATX board because they will find them selves located behind the dual 120mm fans. When I did my build I actually ended up taking out one of the fans entirely for this reason.


Above the vertical mounted power supply cage is a bay for 3, 3.5” Hard disks, and above that the bay for the slot loading optical drive.

Another oddity with this case is despite the tight fitting of the board at the bottom of the case, this is the exact opposite at the top of the case. There is almost two inches of clearance from the top of a motherboard. Ironically this would be a great space for a dual 120mm rad/fan mount. However all you have is the 140mm.

Speaking of the fan mounts in this case… This is another frustration. The case has stand offs and specific screws for mounting the pre-installed Rosewill Fans. All of the fans are about ½ the thickness of standard case fans, which in turn means the screws for the posts can’t accommodate normal thickness fans (Thanks Rosewill).

Behind the motherboard try is a mount for an 2.5” drive/SSD and there is some room for cable management and routing.

As for video card, I’m able to get a reference GTX 770 in there, but it’s a little tight, I would not recommend going any longer.

Review Summary:


Looks very cool, very Apple like, but not copy cat.

Small foot print.

Cool side panels.


Tight space to work with.

Custom non-stand mounts for fans, lacking options for Radiators.

Weird spacing choices inside could have been redone to allow for radiators easily, and not cut off the bottom of the motherboard.  


At the time of Post this. Currently I can not find the Silver version of this case for sale any longer at Amazon or Newegg. However the black version is available for around $180.


Newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811147201&cm_re=Rosewill_Legacy_MX2-_-11-147-201-_-Product

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Rosewill-Tower-Computer-Legacy-MX2-B/dp/B00H893X28/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1427527277&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=Rosewill+Legacy+MX2+silver


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