Is the New Microsoft Work and Play Bundle a good deal?
Friday, November 14, 2014

This week Microsoft released it’s Work and Play Bundle for $199. Strangely you have to buy this in a Microsoft Retail store and can’t online, despite all of these services being online services…  I do have a Microsoft store at the Mall of America, so I began debating if this would be a good deal for me or even a good deal in general?

Short and Sweet… Yes it is.  However, you have to want/need all of the services. If you don’t need the $14 a month skype plan, or $50-60 Xbox Live Gold, then probably not.  

Here is a chart I made using my own personal requirements, plus amazon pricing.


Work and Play

Individually Amazon for a year

What I would need

Office 365 Home


$70 ($100 Normally)


Xbox Live Gold


$50  ($60 Normally)


Skype Unlimited world



$35.88  ($2.99 a month)

Xbox Music



Don't Care




$388 ($428 with out Amazon)



So for me personally...? Not really, I’ll just buy these individually. If I was more interested in Xbox Music this may have been a good deal, but I have plenty of other ways of listening to music and I treat streaming services like FM Radio of old: a way to introduce me to songs that I way want to buy on amazon music later.

I should mention that Microsoft also recently changed the Office 365 subscription to now include unlimited storage in One Drive. Which makes the $70 for Office 365 Home a really good deal!!!


UDPATE!!!  For the month of December. Microsoft has made the bundle $150. Have to be honest, at that price, I'm doing it.

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