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Dear Microsoft… Here’s 5 things you need to do with Surface 2 (RT)

1) Keep the $350 Price Point.

Want to keep smacking the iPad in your ads? Then keep the price down. Going head to head with the ipad at $500, was what killed the original Surface on arrival. Windows RT is still new, and very untested, and you don’t have the apps to compete with Android and iOS yet. So if you can’t compete in apps, compete with price.

2) Speaking of Apps. Office is a must.

I love the addition of Outlook in Windows RT 8.1. Keep up adding office in Windows RT this is a great feature of Windows RT,  Add even more features to make is really feel like true Office (Voice recording in OneNote RT for example).

3) Offer something for Free!

Sure Tablets are a great gateway into spending on apps and content, but get in the door with something for free. My Best recommendation on this would be partner with Netflix to offer 3 months free, like the Google chrome cast did.  Or include a Store credit, or some free games like Halo.

4) Speed!

My biggest complaint of Suface RT is how sluggish it can be, get a Tegra 4 in there, and add some RAM.

5) Capacity!

A big embarrassment of the Original Surface was the comparisons made about what “32GB” Surface vs. “32 GB” Ipad had in free space. I love that the Surface has MicroSD slot, but more free space for media/apps would be great. Either shrink the OS, or just put a bigger drive in there.

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