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More Windows 8 Thoughts: Why can’t it look like this?

Windows Blogger Paul Thurrott recently posted two very interesting concepts for changing the look of the Desktop and Metro UI’s in Windows 8. I found both of these ideas very appealing, as I have stated before I am not fan of the currently very poorly designed Metro/Desktop and their frustrating relationship with one another where I am constantly switching between them.


Let’s take a look.


Paul’s Original Idea:

(Shown here: http://www.winsupersite.com/blog/supersite-blog-39/windows8/doesnt-windows-8-141886)



I really like concept. It's fuses Metro with the desktop in a way I can use it. While it some ways it reduces the live tiles to the Desktop gadgets of Vista and Windows 7. It still accomplishes the idea set out by Metro with Windows Phone. At a Glance-able UI. Almost like the Notifications area on cell phones this gives you the info you want quickly.

Also this doesn't nessecarly mean the the Full screen Metro tile UI is gone. It could still have a place on Tablets, but on Desktops this is far more user friendly.

In this concept Metro Apps still exist, but they don’t have to be full screen. This is another big plus to me, as I really don’t like how Metro Apps look on a 27” 2560x1400 Display. It seems ridiculous, one reason a person buys a monitor with high resolution or even buys multiple monitors is to have more desktop space to look at things side by side (or even more things at once)


I also really like the Paul is proposing the bring back of the Start menu.


Paul recently created a new concept after receiving a lot of comments and even some feed back from the Windows 8 team.


Microsoft’s central argument against my original design—they actually had several reasons—was that Metro-style apps and the desktop needed to be kept separate in order to retain Metro’s built-in security functionality. And in that design, I had Metro-styled tiles on the desktop and was asking about opening Metro apps right on the desktop.

Well, I have the solution. And it works just like Metro apps already work, while still providing access to useful live tiles from the desktop. Best of all, it uses standard Windows 8 screen sharing features.”

Here is Paul’s new concept:


(Shown here: http://www.winsupersite.com/blog/supersite-blog-39/windows8/doesnt-windows-8-142937)


 While I’m not nearly as much a fan of this, as I was of his original idea. This is still better than what MS currently has shown in their Consumer preview. This update still allows for Metro to share the space with the desktop. And in a weird way is better accomplishes the fusion of Metro with the Start menu.

Metro apps stay full screen but can work with Start Menu like this:



This still feels more like a compromise. Microsoft really needs to get off their high horse of treating the Metro UI as this special consumer Development playground. Unless you can download phone apps into Metro and vice versa there really isn’t much of a point. Yes, Metro is pretty much the exclusive UI/Platform in Windows RT.  But again, who cares? I probably won’t be using Windows RT, why? Because I have an Ipad and a Windows Laptop. I don’t need a Windows Tablet. Microsoft, you were late to the game, and you aren’t going to catch up, move on already.


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